Contoh percakapan present tense

Di sini kita membaca beberapa contoh percakapan yang menggunakan waktu terus menerus hadir. Tetapi ada satu hal yang perlu Anda ketahui. Tidak semua kalimat di kotak dialog menggunakan model yang sama, tetapi kebanyakan dari mereka.

Mengapa? Sehingga dialognya lebih alami dan tidak terkesan artifisial. Sehingga Anda menggunakan waktu lain yang berbeda seperti Simple Present, Simple Past, Present Perfect dan Perfect Continuous.

Bagi mereka yang sudah memahami model ini, tidak akan sulit bagi Anda untuk menemukan frasa. Namun bagi Anda yang masih ragu, jangan khawatir. Anda dapat melihat diagram berikut.

Ketahui rumus ini sehingga Anda dapat melakukan percakapan dengan model waktu kontinu saat ini

Jadi, apakah Anda ingat model ini lagi? Ayo, temukan kalimat dalam contoh percakapan Present Continuous Tense.

1. Contoh percakapan present tense

Did you talk about the exams with your friends? This topic is very often in an example of a conversation with a friend.

This example is made by 2 people. They are Anggi and Harmony. Harmony calls Anggi using her mother’s cell phone because the Harmony phone runs out of battery power.

The harmony of the Anggi telephone because it found it difficult to memorize scientific material. Even if they test tomorrow. Harmoni is worried that the test will fail later.

Anggi calms harmony. It gives advice to understand the material, not to memorize the material. Suddenly Anggi remembered something. What does Anggi remember? How does Anggi help her friend? Let’s check the answer in the example of the conversation Present Continuous Tense.

Examples of full-time conversations present between 2 people on the exam
Anggi: Hello. Anggi is talking. Who is it?
Harmony: Ciao Anggi. I am Harmony.
Anggi: Oh, harmony. Are you using someone’s phone? It’s not your phone numbers, right?
Harmony: No, it is not. I’m using my mother’s phone. My battery is running out. By the way, what are you doing?
Anggi: Oh, I’m studying now. We are doing a scientific exam tomorrow morning. Forget it?
Harmony: of course not. That’s why I’m calling you now.
Anggi: Oh, what’s going on? Is there anything I can help?
Harmony: Owh, I don’t know where to start learning. These are difficult materials. I’m trying to remember all things. I’ve read science books five times. But I can’t remember almost all of them. I’m afraid of failing the exam.
Anggi: keep calm, harmony. You can’t concentrate at the same time you’re worried about failure. Start from the target material. One more, you shouldn’t memorize all things. Try to understand them.
Harmony: Yes, I think so. I will try to understand those materials.
Anggi: Yes, I’m just remembering something. I have scientific videos. I saw all of them. Those videos give me a clear explanation in Science. I think you should watch them too.
Harmony: Oh, that sounds fantastic.
Anggi: I’m in front of my computer now. I’m sending links to videos to your email. Take a look at it
Harmoni: Wow, thanks, Anggi. You’re saving my life!
Anggi: Oh, don’t say that. Good luck for tomorrow’s exam. Bye.
Harmony: you too. Bye.

Present Continuous Tense is one of the 5 fundamental times that will make you competent in English conversation. Find other times.

2. Examples of conversation Present Time of continuous mother and child on the menu of school and dinner

The first example of conversation involves 2 friends, while this dialogue concerns a mother and a daughter.

School topics are usually discussed when a mother or father picks up their child after school. Parents always want to know what their children are doing at school. Parents want to know the exciting things that happen at school.

Mom just took Sue from school. This time Sue tells of a school that is preparing students to participate in sports competitions. District schools will join this competition.

Sue has participated in 3 sports competitions such as swimming, badminton and chess. But he wasn’t sure about chess. Why isn’t Sue sure of the chess competition ???

Later they changed the subject on the dinner menu. Sue proposed a chocolate pudding because she wanted to eat chocolate pudding. Mom asked Sue first a discussion with her brother.

Then he rushed at Yuri, the elder brother. How is Yuri’s answer? Let’s see more in the dialog below.

Example of conversation in English between 2 people on the Dinner menu
Mother: Hi, honey. What is the school like?
Sue: Good, Mom. We are preparing for sports competitions next month. All the schools of our regency are joining.
Mother: I heard about it from your teacher. Do you join a sports competition?
Sue: I join three races, mom.
Mother: Wow, cool What am I?

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